Thank you for visiting Harrisonburg EATs website! This community food assessment has been an ambitious but very rewarding effort.

We understand that there has been a lack of updates for some time, but we are pleased to inform that this last month has taken EATs back off the ground!

You may recall doing our survey last fall. Those results were an awesome first step in assessing consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding healthy food purchases here in Harrisonburg.

Phase Two now involves interviews and listening groups with community stakeholders. These include obvious actors in the local food system like farmers, store and restaurant owners, emergency food providers, and consumers. However, we are also speaking with individuals and groups who are involved in an indirect way with food security. It is a complex issue that truly requires full community participation.

If you have questions or would like to contribute, please feel free to contact me:

Jessica Stanford
Project Coordinator, Harrisonburg EATs
(540) 432-6029 ext. 107

P.S. Much acknowledgement and thanks goes out to Beth Schermerhorn, the original program coordinator of this project. She recognized a need for deeper examination of the many facets of our local food system, and how our community can better address food insecurity. Thanks also to Courtney Vengrin and Abbas Abid who helped tremendously in completing Phase One.

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